Donating to Folding@home

Some people have asked how they could donate money to help Folding@Home. First and foremost, you can help by downloading
and running our client software. This software is free, but for each
computer participating, we get a commensurate boost in our
computational ability. For all those who have run the client, we thank

For those of you who would like to donate money, you
can make a tax deductible donation to Folding@Home by donating to Stanford University.  We have a new web page up for this ( or you can go directly to Stanford’s site.

Either way, the main issue is to make sure that you designate your gift to go to the "Folding@home Computing Fund" (choose "other" for the designation and copy that text into the field).  Otherwise, your donation could end up going to help some other group at Stanford (still not bad, but perhaps not what you wanted).