Web site overhaul

We’ve completely overhauled the FAH web pages.  The inspiration for the changes were multi-fold, but mainly the old site was looking a bit old stylistically and the translations were poorly integrated with the main text; in particular, the "download" pages were unique for each translation, yet only the English translation (main site) download page was updated. 

There will be several new features behind the scenes which will be useful to us

  • The new backend for the web site is much more flexible, allowing the whole Pandegroup as well as some other collaborators to make direct edits to the site.  We expect that this will keep the site more freshly updated (esp in terms of the FAQ)
  • The language translations will be MUCH better integrated.  Check this out: when on a page (any page), click on a language link on the left and get that specific page translated!  Chinese, English, French, and German are (mostly) all in, and more translations are on the way.
  • Site search will now be integrated.
  • Backend tricks will allow us to keep pages consistent — between translations and even with the PandeGroup web site as well.
  • Browser-specific pages: for certain pages (eg the download page), we will look to your browser to make specific recommendations (eg client recommendations) to hopefully greatly simplify the client-choice process (which has gotten really complex, due to all the clients we now support).

Our first goal was to get the site up and to port over the previous content.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll also be updating the content (some of which is fairly old and deserves a good updating).

For now, please check it out

If all looks good over the next few days, this site will replace the old FAH site at the https://foldingathome.org/ url.