v6 client progress

The v6 client open beta rollout has been moving well as well.  For the most part, there have been no problems.  The main issues right now has been trying to push the  Windows SMP client further (to make it better behaved, comparable to the OSX and Linux SMP clients) and to hook up a GUI client for SMP clients.

In particular, there is a new SMP core (core A2), developed by Dr. Peter Kasson.  This core is a major advance as it allows us to update our code with the main Gromacs code tree very easily.  Before, updating code really required re-constructing the core (reporting FAH modifications into Gromacs) and this was a huge effort.  With Peter’s recent work, this has become (almost) trivial, which means that we can keep much more up to date with Gromacs enhancements.  In particular, Gromacs has recently had some very nice enhancements for SMP which we’ll be able to bring into FAH.