GPU core progress

We’ve been making some significant progress with the GPU core recently.  We’ve had a switch of personnel: Vishal graduated, and Mark Friedrichs (professional programming staff) & Adam Beberg (CS graduate student) have joined the GPU core team.  They’ve made significant new progress.  Mark has been porting some of the new science code from the PS3 client to the the GPU client.  Adam has been streamlining the development process (which is still quite messy for GPU’s) as well as hunting down several bugs.  We’ve also recently been getting a lot of help from  GPU companies (more info on that in another post) and that has been a HUGE help to us.

Our hope is to get the GPU client back up to speed science-wise, giving results comparable to the PS3 client (and perhaps even a few more advanced features than the PS3 has).  Also, we’re really pushing support for other graphics cards beyond what we support now.  This has been the tricky part, but Adam and our collaborators have made huge strides forward here.