Do I need administrator privileges to install the FAH client?

In most cases, yes. If you do not have administrator privileges or cannot access an administrator account, this indicates that you do not own or manage the computer. Most clients need to have some administrative access to complete the installation. If you do not have the rights, you are advised to ask for permission before going any further.

It is against the FAH End User License Agreement (EULA) to circumvent these restrictions without the expressed permission of the computer’s owner. If you are the owner and do not know how to use administrator privileges, please ask someone with more experience to help you.

How can I get installation help if I have a problem?

When one or more steps are difficult to comprehend, you can ask for help on the Folding Support Forum. Someone will provide the answer or help you to complete the installation. In some cases, you may have additional questions after the installation. Feel free to Search the Guides and FAQ pages for answers. You can also Search the Forum for answers or Tools, post a new question, or read through the FAH FAQs.

When asking for help in the forum, please let us know which install guide you are using so we can follow along. And if you know your computer specifications and the client info you are trying to install (i.e. operating system, client version, client type, driver version, etc.) please list these with your question. This information is not required but will help us answer your questions more quickly.