What would my donation go to?

$1000 and above
  • Redesign the website for a better user experience
  • Engage students to develop educational content
  • Provide a scholarship to support a PhD student’s research
  • Buy a new server to expand the number of volunteers who can participate in Folding@home and store all the data the community is generating
  • Build towards the goals outlined below
$100,000 and above
  • Hire a developer to help expand and maintain our infrastructure.
  • Rewrite the Folding@home software to have a modern user interface that enables more gamification, such as the creation of a badge system for rewarding engagement with Folding@home.
  • Create a portal that will streamline the way scientists use Folding@home to enable more research groups to join the project.
  • Hire a PM to help create educational content and develop our community.
  • Help build an endowment that will help sustain Folding@home for the long run.

Please see the donation page for more details.