BOINC is an infrastructure for doing distributed computing. BOINC is produced by the same group at LBNL which has done SETI@Home and has become a useful tool for distributed computing. Several years ago we explored using BOINC as an additional client in addition to the existing FAH clients in order to give donors a choice, especially those who currently run BOINC.

In January 2006 we launched an initial release BOINC client which we alpha tested in a small group, but we ran into some significant issues with the client. In April we updated much of the code, but we had to deal with a staff turnover in the BOINC part of the development team, which slowed development. As of June 2006 we are putting this platform on hold, as until such time as our staffing situation changes, and the incompatibilities on both sides are resolved, further development has been shelved.

Folding@home is supported primarily from grants from the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation.