V7: Introduction

The seventh generation of the FAH software, known as V7, is a complete rewrite and redesign from our previous client software. It focuses first on making Folding@home easier to install and run. It also restores an early emphasis of Folding@home to be as unobtrusive as possible, avoiding 99% of the factors that might slow down using the computer for other everyday tasks. You should hardly notice FAH is running.

Unlike earlier versions, this version will not seek the maximum contribution from your computer. But if you would prefer, you can achieve maximum production by changing a few simple settings. Our basic goal is to vastly increase Folding@home installations around the world and thereby accelerate what our scientists can achieve with Folding@home in disease research.

This page is an introduction to the V7 software. If you are interested in intermediate details, see the V7 Intermediate page. For documentation on the most advanced features and specifications, see the V7 Advanced page.