Is there an easy way to enter the passkey into the client?

Yes, during installation of V7 or for the older v6 software, during the initial client setup. You can copy your passkey from the email you receive from FAH, and paste it in. Please do not enter the passkey by manually edit any .cfg file, as it’s not a plain text file and could become corrupted.

On a Macintosh console client, Command+C to copy, and Command+V to paste.

In the V7 setup, the Windows V7 Installer has a prompt to enter a passkey after a name and/or team number. In the V7 FAHControl, a passkey can be added under the Configure button, Identity tab, Passkey field.


Note:  Use one and only one passkey for all clients. There is no advantage to using multiple passkeys, and several disadvantages.